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The original buildings were erected in 1958 and was known as Edelbrock Building Supplies. Eventually it hosted a lumber yard, flea market and office space, and was owned and operated by the Edelbrock family.

In May of 1985, The Mono Plaza was hit by an unprecedented weather system that spawned a tornado with 300 km funnel winds that swept through Grand Valley, tracked east to the Mono Plaza and continued its way into Barrie.

The community rallied and the Mennonites were instrumental in cleaning up the damaged and splintered wood, and once the debris was cleared away the NEW Mono Plaza was built.
The dream of an indoor shopping plaza was fully realized. The mall today is bright, spacious and easily accessible from the highway, plenty of parking and wheelchair accessible.

A great place to do business, shop, invest, meet, eat and play!
It is still family owned and managed today.


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